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Our Crop Operations 

Key areas of focus:

Organic Food Grade Crops:

  • Soft Red Winter Wheat; Hard Red Spring Wheat; Colorless Hilum Soybeans; Oats; Corn

Organic Dairy Feeds:

  • Hay & Straw (large square, small square, round) dry or balage
  • Corn (high moisture, dry shell, silage)
  • Small grains (oats, triticale, wheat)

Malt Barley:

  • Scala Winter Barley; Winmalt Spring Barley

Horse Hay:

  • Organic or transitional timothy, orchard grass and alfalfa mixed
  • Small square - delivery available all across the East Coast
  • For customers outside New York Contact Tri County Feeds in Marshall Virginia
  • Our organic hay is used exclusively by the US OLYMPIC TRAINING CENTER in Florida

Organic Crops - In 2009 we began the process to move part of our operation into more sustainable organic crops production.  Starting with only 6 acres of organic corn we quickly expanded this successful move and now have converted over 1,500 acres to organic only production.   We will continue to grow our organic crop operation as we develop and grow with these emerging markets.  In 2016 our organic wheat was sold exclusively to Farmer Ground Flour who distributes the flour to organic bakeries throughout New York State.  We look forward to continue making Organic Crops an integral component to our long term land management plan.

Malt Barley - in 2016 we planted 400 acres of malt barley for the exclusive use by the new 1886 Malt House opening in February 2017 in Fulton, NY   We will be one of the largest producers of Malt Barley in New York State and look forward to growing our support of the craft beverage industry even further in the future.  

Hay - Our first and second cutting hay is of top quality and is desired by both horse farmers and dairy farmers for special feed purposes.  We have an exclusive distribution arrangement outside of New York with Tri County Feeds in Marshall Virginia. We ship our hay up and down the East Coast with our own tractor trailer.  For New York State supply please contact us.